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Mission Statement

IRAA website is intended to serve as a medium where Irobs and friends of Irob minority nationality exchange views, information and different research studies about Irob people's history, culture, language and current situation.

The intention and dedication of the founders of the website are mainly to cast especial focus on the promotion and preservation of the Irob heritage and the indivisibility of its people and their land, and on ways how to pass on the long-established traditional values to the new generations.

Similarly, the founders are committed to work on increasing the awareness level of the Irob people on minority rights in particular and on human rights in general and on how to safeguard them.

Uplifting the morale of the Irob youth and try to create mechanisms to educate them, provide inspiring ideas and suggestions that may help them to overcome the economic, cultural and social crises they are facing currently is one of the primary tasks. Following carefully the border muddle that has been haunting the Irobs and other Ethiopians for last few decades and advocating for the territorial integrity and national sovereignty of Ethiopia is also one of the objectives this website will deal with.

This website will also compaign for the release of the Irob abductees that were kidnapped by the Eritrean functionaries when vast part of the Irobland was occupied by the Eritrean armed forces.

Concisely the purpose of is to be voice to the voiceless by raising public awareness about the ongoing natural and manmade crisis in the region to the Irob Diaspora and the international community.

We invite all Irobs and friends of the Irob people to join us by sharing whatever they deem will help to preserve the Irob people's rights, culture and history through articles and other means. We encourage all Irobs to work together to restore the Irob heritage and sustain it. We also call on all Ethiopians to support the Irob people in their struggle to survive as an indivisible linguistic and cultural entity and as unbreakable component of the Ethiopian state as it always has been.

December 2010


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