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About Us

This website has been initiated by the Irob Rights Advocacy Association (IRAA). IRAA is a civic organization formed in 2009 by concerned Irobs living overseas to be voice for those suppressed from expressing their views. Its objectives can be summarized as follows:

  • Generate and deliver information about the state of the civil, political and economic conditions of the Irob people.
  • Enhance and protect the civil, political, economic, social, cultural, and developmental rights of the Irob people.
  • Follow closely whether justice and fair treatment of the Irob people is safeguarded and report any violation to national and international communities.
  • Support the Irob people’s effort to protect their language, culture, identity and heritages.
  • Contribute to the preservation and development of historical, cultural and heritage values of Irob people.
  • Engage in the rehabilitation process of the Irob youth who are undergoing widespread social crises.
  • IRAA recognizes that the Irob problem is part and parcel of the overall Ethiopian problem. Hence, it firmly believes that the Irob solution lies within the bounds of Ethiopian solution. Therefore, although, this association is founded to highlight the existing problems of the Irob minority, members of this association stanchly believe in the unity of the Ethiopian state and will endeavor to ensure this goal in cooperation with all Ethiopian democrats.

IRAA does not expect that all Irobs will agree with the objectives of this civic association. In fact we believe that it is absolutely normal to have different views about any social values and political outlook. But it is also our conviction that Irobs will agree to work together on issues such as territorial integrity of our native land, objecting abuse of basic human and democratic rights of the Irob people.

The border issue and the border delimitation that is threatening the division of the Irob region and people into two is one of the greatest and most difficult challenges to all Irobs. We believe that Irobs of all walks of life will stand united against the partition of Irob into two different nations. Moreover we believe that we can also work together in areas where we may have different viewpoints as long as the outcome is to benefit our society.

Irobs, like many others in the region, have endured tremendous natural and man-made disturbances in the last several decades, and that is accelerating the vanishing of the Irob people as a distinguished ethnic group. Hence, it seems to us that every son and daughter of Irob has the moral obligation and duty to think and plan about the future development, and preservation of heritage of this cultured and historical people which is in danger of becoming extinct.


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IRAA shall not bear any responsibility for the ideas entertained on the website.
The author is solely responsible for the contents of his/her work.
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